About Us


Debonair Society’s mission is to offer tailored experiences for like-minded individuals in Dallas who are seeking consistent environments to engage with culturally savvy millennials who are forward thinking, progressive, fashionably forward, business minded, socially driven, career oriented, community advocates, etc.


To build a unique culture identity in Dallas among like-minded individuals who are Dallas Transplants/and or Dallas Natives living in the Metroplex and looking to experience an atmosphere that will offer cultivating events, philanthropic/serving opportunities, and serve as a platform for diverse business owners in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.


Imagine an atmosphere in Dallas that is specifically tailored to culturally savvy millennials who share common interests and looking to engage with other like-minded individuals in social environments on a consistent basis. Debonair Society was established with these audiences in mind and will seek to offer regular social experiences that are memorable, appealing, engaging, and strategically captivating.


Debonair Society serves as a major resource for diverse business owners to grow and promote their businesses and for consumers who are seeking to support and invest in these businesses throughout the Metroplex. It is the goal of Debonair Society to serve as the main channel for audiences to rely on for this type of information.

Meet the Founder

Pierre Durant is the Founder and CEO of Debonair Society Incoporated.
As a proud native of Dayton, Ohio, Durant has successfully established
his life and career in Dallas, Texas over the last four years. While fully
embracing his new city, it became Durant's personal mission
to create a brand that would build a unique culture identity for
like-minded individuals who are Dallas/Fort Worth
transplants and or natives living in the DFW Metroplex.


First Year Anniversary

Debonair Society has kicked off its second year, but we take a moment to look back at Year 1 of this great company. 

We laughed, we kept it real, and we enjoyed mingling over mimosas every month. We also gave back to the community and planted the seeds for a phenomenal 2nd year.

We thank everyone who supported us throughout 2017 and we look forward to seeing you more in 2018!
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